July 2023

Regular class in the usual times until 28th July!

the plan

Classes until 28th July

The Summer Showcase is the  8th July in Teatro Lluïsos de Gracia but that's not the end of term🤸‍♀️🎉 

We'll be running regular classes until 28th July in the same times as usual... with a special something in the last week  😉


Horarios Verano by Harriet Randall

How does it work?

01 Monthly payments

Same price as the rest of the year.

02 3-month payments

There's a small change to these prices. We explain in more detail below...⬇

03 Can I sign up to more classes?
04 What if I can't come to all my classes?
05 Can I sign up in July?

Absolutely! 😊 Message us!


Termly (3-month) Payments:

If you pay on a termly basis, the price will change a little in the months of July-August-September.

The payment covers the classes in July + September, y reserves your spot over August

Classes start again on the 4th September. 

Normal termly prices resume in October

Prices July-Septembre:

1h / semana


1,5h / semana


2h / semana


2,5h / semana


3h / semana


3,5h / semana


4h / semana


4,5h / semana


Questions and concerns:

What if I can't come to all my classes in July?

We have the same rules as usual: up to 6 classes a term can be made up. You can make up missed classes during July (or in September if you are still a student)

What if I can only come in the first week (pre show)?

You can make up missed classes during July (or in September if you are still a student). Or you can pay for one-off classes in that first week of July. If it's the latter, please let us know before the 20th June.🙏

Can I sign up to more classes than usual?

Of course, as long as there are spaces that's not a problem! Send us a message on WhatsApp!

What do I need to do next?

Let us know before 20 de June if you'll be taking class throughout the month of July.

What happens in August?

Our classes run from September to the end of July.

In the month of August, the school is closed but you can set up the maintenance fee of 15€. 

That way you guarantee your spot in the class of your choice when we start again in September, and lock in the prices from 2022-23.

Unlike most schools in Barcelona we don't charge an annual registration fee but we do ask for the maintance fee so that you don't miss out on your place, and we know how many spaces we have booked up in each class.

If you don't want to pay the fee in August please let us know before the 7th July,  and we can cancel your subscription. You can then get in touch with us in September and we can let you know which classes have availabilty. 


We start again on the 4th September. 

If you can't start back at the beginning of term (in September) and you want to keep saving your spot ready to start in October, you can keep paying the 15€ in September as per the usual rules of the school.    😊

Next Steps...


Let us know before the 20th June if:

  • You'll stay signed up throughout July
  • You can only attend in the first week
  • If you are unregistering from classes.

Let us know before 7th July if you want to pay the 15€  maintanence fee and reserve your space for September, or if you are unregistering. 


We start back on the 4th September. If you can't start until October, you can either keep paying the 15€ maintanence fee and save your spot, or unregister. Then when you are ready to start back, you can get in touch and find out which classes have availibity left.   If you want to pay the maintenance fee in September as well, let us know in JULY please!

Casting: Compañía Glitter

Este año vamos a abrir 2 plazas en la Compañía de la escuela!

Si ya llevas un par de años haciendo clase y tienes ganas de actuar más regularmente (tanto en solitario como en grupo), a lo mejor te interesa formar parte de la Compañía.

Cual es el proceso: el día 22 de julio haremos un casting, en el cual pediremos que cada persona interesada presente un solo de 3 minutos y luego se aprenderá una coreografía grupal. 

Si estás interesada, apúntate abajo:

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